Duropal Quadra Laminate Benchtop Selection

Affordable Quality

Duropal Quadra®

Resists all the tough treatment.

The Cabinet Shop offers you German manufactured DUROPAL HPL Laminated 38.8mm thick Worktops.

Quadra Worktops are manufactured by Pfleiderer, using DUROPAL HPL, acknowledged as being one of the best laminates available due to being extremely stain, scratch and impact resistant, thus providing a highly durable surface on a HMR core.

Quadra has 3mm radius corners, with a sealing on the underside of the worktop.

Quadra is available in 600mm & 900mm width and 4100mm & 2000mm long, providing very efficient and cost effective options.

The European colours and designs, the sleek profiles, the excellent mechanical characteristics, all work together to provide an ideal option for worktops and counters in domestic and commercial applications.

To estimate your benchtop price, select the colour, calculate how many 4100mm benchtop blanks your project will use, then add the number of mason's mitres required and ABS edgestrips on the ends if needed.


Upload your benchtop drawing for us to quote using the "Upload Plans or Sketches" function. Make sure to supply your return email details and we will email back your price.

Bench Top Colour

"Duropal" Selections Available in 4100mm Lengths

Blanks Depth required?

Blanks are 3600mm long, and 38mm thick. You can choose between 600mm and 900mm for the depth.

Number of blanks required

Number of mason's mitres required

Number of ABS edgestrips

Upload Plans or Sketches

For instructions, see our How to Order Benchtops help sheet here