DISPENSA 400 1600-2000 ARENA CLASSIC PRO to suit 400mm wide Tall Cabinet


Remarkably tidy storage space.

Storage perfection! The individually suspended and adjustable shelves make the DISPENSA Pantry Pull-Out a flexible space miracle. Its design allows tall cabinets to be fully utilized in width and height, creating space, order and overview. Thanks to its railing, everything remains transparent, even at the top levels; always visible – even from the sides.
Perfect transparency, yet little space. Not an inch wasted! The DISPENSA Pantry Roll-Out allows up to 100 kg to glide smoothly out of the cabinet. It is installed very quickly, requires no maintenance and can be cleaned without a problem. More advantages just can’t fit into one cabinet!

Finish: Powder-coated white extention and Chrome-plated suspension baskets

Material: Steel support frame, wire baskets

Supplied with:

1 Hanging frame
1 Bottom runner
1 Top runner
1 Set of front brackets
1 Front stabiliser
4 Chrome-plated standard wire baskets
1 Set of installation instructions

Load bearing capacity: 100 kg


Width: 400mm Depth: 465mm Height: 1600-2000mm