Tandem pantry unit, arena style


Tandem pantry unit

Two cabinets behind one door.

TANDEM offers completely new options for storing supplies – and much more! Opening the cabinet door will trigger one of those thrilling moments. Employing an intelligent pull-out technology, the rear shelves are automatically drawn towards the user, creating an impressive overview of easily accessable supplies. Abundant storage space is even a feature exhibited by the door shelving!

TANDEM Depot – Four cabinets behind two doorsDiversity is planned in. TANDEM was developed for 45, 50 and 60 cm cabinets. None-the-less, as many customers can’t get enough of this ingenious system, it’s possible to plan twice the system into one cabinet - Tandem Depot - in widths of 90, 100 and 120 cm. Just as practical, yet twice as spacious and incomparably impressive!
Exclusive design, elegant movement. So much space in the door shelving, as well as height-adjustable roll-out shelving – features that only TANDEM can offer! Yet, in addition to these rational advantages, there are emotional advantages that make TANDEM so exciting: its technical precision, its elegance in motion and its gleaming chrome finish transform this kitchen cabinet into a kitchen showpiece.

Supplied with

1 Extension frame
1 Door shelf
1 Basket set: 6 Baskets/shelves with 1700 mm, 4 Baskets/shelves with 1100 mm, 3 Baskets/shelves with 800 mm
1 Set of installation instructions

Suggested loading 20kg on the door and 50kg in cabinet

All frame components in silver

Includes six adjustable Chrome and Anti-slip base trays

Tray Size 518x275x 88mmCan be used as a Tandem Depot for cabinets with a width between 900 and 1200mm

Independent of cabinet height due to side frame assembly


Minimum Cabinet Internal Height 1700mm Minimum Cabinet Internal Width 562mm Minimum Cabinet Internal Depth 500mm